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Official thread of all Global Sporting Events, Leagues, and Seasons.


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I believe that the proliferation of International Sports and the Olympics simply places unattainable social and economical expectations on the host cities and the country in general, leaving behind a load of debt and facilities that are later unused.

and yeah, sorry for the whole Official thread fab, I think that was me once upon a time that started all of that

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Discuss freely.

Except bocci. Never discuss bocci.

DaVinci Bocce Club's defeat of Taylor's Wrecking Crew at last year's open was a match for the ages.

I think I enjoyed the controversy about the Crew having no members of Italian descent even more than the match itself . . . and that is saying something.

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Does anyone think Milo of Kroton can make it 6 in a row at the 512 BC Olympics? He'll be 40 by then but I think his experience will win out.

The advances made by modern medicine never cease to amaze me. To think that in 512 BC someone would be alive and relatively healthy at 40, let alone competing in the Olympics, is astounding.

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