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NFL Week 7 Preview


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Under the Jets-Bengals you have this

"Look for the Bengals to win this won as their offense should carry the day"

Love the nod to BC in the Pats-Fins game. Hey anything is possible this year it seems in the NCAA

oh and the Jaguars play at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium now, it's no longer Alltel Stadium

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Bah when did Alltel drop its sponsorship?

This is what annoys me about cooperate sponsorship name changes if they kept the same damn name it would be olk.

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What We Learned Sunday

To quote Hootie The Dolphins make me cry :cry:

The Lions may actually have a shot at making the playoffs

The Giants are not that bad, and Eli Manning is starting to look like a #1 QB

The Jets are not that good, and Chad Pennington's days are officially numbered

The Vikings need a QB before they can be taken seriously

The Chiefs might be the worst team above .500 in the NFL

Joe Gibbs has some magic left in that Coaching bag of tricks

The Ravens are not as good as I thought they were

The Texans are rising, and will be dangerous in December and a playoff contender in 2008

The Rams are hopeless

The Eagles are finished, and Donovan McNabb will be on the trading block.

The Falcons are Cursed I think I may actually feel sorry for their fans.

Jason Elam is a Hall of Famer.

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