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Seattle steel


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Too many lines. Too many thin lines. I see that you're going for the very mechanical, machinery-type steel look, and that's cool, but it needs to be simplified. The S (in the big S logo) is good. However IMO you need to drop a few of the shapes and make the lines thicker, darker, and more prominent.

The small S logo wouldn't work as an alternate logo, because a) the S is far too small, B) it's far too busy, and c) it doesn't introduce anything new into the identity. The ideal alternate logo, IMO, highlights a bit of a different aspect of the identity than the primary (often this can include the team initials, or an aspect of the mascot that the primary largely ignores). I'd start from a clean slate with that logo, although if you're really high on it, use the same suggestions I made for the primary logo.


The road is far too busy IMO. I'd say choose a theme and stick with it. (The machinery-type thing that's poking out of the line on the hem trim is cool, but I say either make it prominent and the main theme/focus to the jersey, or drop it.) The amount of white, black, and gray lines liberally dispersed throughout the jersey starts to make me dizzy.

The home jersey is much much simpler (which is a good thing), and I'd say I like everything except the gradient, which actually doesn't look all that bad.

The colours in general are a bit monochromatic, but it has been done successfully (see: Oakland Raiders). I know 'Steel' doesn't lend itself to many colour suggestions, so if you're looking to change, I'd go with what Tank suggested... some of Seattle's tried-and-true colours like the Seahawks' various blues and greens of the past few years, and the Sonics' green and yellow.

All in all, an interesting concept with many highlights... it's obvious you spent a lot of time on this, and it turned out quite good, and hopefully my suggestions can help make it that little bit better.

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charcoal, silver... I love this

this is a great jersey design, but is steel a part of seattle?

There was a negro league baseball team called the Seattle Steelheads, named after the type of fish in the area.  And I love your logos, they incorporate the Native American traditions very nicely.  At least that's what I see.  Is that what you wre going for?  Now if we could only get an NHL team in Seattle!

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