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Aqua / Glass / Web 2.0 look


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I thought this would be an interesting topic. I see many examples of what looks like attempts at applying a Web 2.0 look. I always thought the point was to emulate a real-world look of light reflection, giving a web page a shiny appliance look to it. When you consider what the style is trying to emulate, all too often the gradient overlay shapes being used do not make sense or do not create a real-world illusion.


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It was cool when it was first introduced, especially when Apple applied the concept to Mac OS X, and has further refined it for Mac OS Leopard. However, I've seen it so often that I tend to ignore it in the market place. That's why I like Flash, because the custom animation allows web designers to do far more unique and interesting UIs.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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