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North carolina state university uniform ideas


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Ok, lately I have been trying to come up with new ideas for my university's football and basketball teams as a personal creative project. I don't have much experience designing uniforms, but I was wondering if maybe some of you guys would be up for designing one. I'd like to try for something fairly traditional (ie: no Miami side stripes or Purple Clemson jerseys)

If you want ideas (logos, current unis, etc.), here is out athletics site:


Let me know if anyone could be of service. Thanks!

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All I can say is that you shouldn't use red pants for the football team. Going to Carter Finley and seeing the team in all red against UNC and Maryland, they just don't look right.  As simple as they are, I think they have the best look in the ACC.  Perhaps you tweek the helmet with the logo on there and the fang stickers.

As for the basketball team, you gotta get rid of the excessive black, and the Numbers.  They should go to something a little more like the Women's Team.  They need to loose the metalic read as well.  I think something to the '83-87 look, or like the Indiana Hoosiers wear.

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