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Possible 2008 Nats Patch


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I'm not super-impressed with this -- it looks thrown together and has none of the qualities that made the goodbye-to-RFK patch so great. But it seems at least possible that it is, or reflects something close to, the patch the Nats will be wearing in 2008. It comes from an email the team sent to season-ticket-holders regarding parking.


And yes, that is a non-circular logo. The deep red background is a 200x200-pixel square.

Thrown-together though I think it looks, the Nats have been very consistent in using similar new-park imagery. So perhaps this is the real deal. If anyone knows otherwise, I'd love to hear it!

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It's very similar to the new ballpark logo, maybe simplified enough for embroidery

Yeah, I was wondering how they were going to embroider those 92 tiny stars around the border. And the gradients. I wonder whether the simpler, more architecturally accurate new new-ballpark logo will replace the existing one.

I'd missed the detail that "Washington DC" was not in the Nats official Law & Order font on the original new ballpark logo, which it would have to be for a patch. This new logo uses that font. Hmmm ...

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