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More light blue!


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UMaine Athletics

Not sure if they were unveiled last night or much before, but check out the University of Maine's new alternate hockey duds.  The pictures in the upper right and lower left of the intro screen show it best...looking especially cool with the crowd all in light blue.  Then there's a picture of the jersey on the main page once the intro screen clears.

Somehow the bastard child of the Thrashers 3rd and the Denver Broncos manages to look pretty sweet if you ask me.

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Upon further review, I'll note that they're a combo of THREE current jersey designs:

- Sharks' stripes along the sides and front

- USA rounded striping below the yoke

- Bruins' arm stripe and stripes around the lower part of the sleeves and torso


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its light blue, so it rocks!!!

j/k, its way to busy, and it looks terrible, despite the great colors. just make a light blue, navy, and white version of the bruins unis. stick the logo on, and we have a good looking uni.

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