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Small laugh -- HS Gametime misconceived team name - "Veritas"


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A few days ago, I saw a local tv ad for a website dealing with high school athletics called HS Gametime. Apparently this is a national website associated with local TV stations' sports departments, used for the distribution of high school sports information. I logged on to check out local teams-- each school had the same website format, with their school/team name in the school colors, split by title case/uppercase: green and gold for Grace King FIGHTING IRISH, black and gold for Bonnabel BRUINS, etc.

However when I looked at the site for my daughter's future school, I got a big laugh. They were listed as the Dominican VERITAS.

"Veritas" is NOT Dominican's team name. As many of you probably know, VERITAS (roughly pronunced vair- it - oss) is the Latin word for TRUTH, and the school motto (just like Harvard) which is featured on the school crest.

Maybe this photo of the athletic teams, which is featured on the site, gave them the wrong idea:


By the way, Dominican is unusual in that they have no athletic team nickname or mascot. Maybe this will be the impetus for getting one..... at least my daughter says that will be her mission when she gets there and plays soccer for 'em.


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