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Mets blue cap logo question


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Did the Mets slightly alter the logo on their blue cap at some point? It would have been a very slight change but I feel the current logo is narrower and curvier than the logo of the original hat. Maybe I'm imagining this.

Some examples:

Old Mets hat (a replica hat from New Era, so maybe it's just wrong)

Current Mets hat

Old Hat (Ain't that uni a beauty?)

Also, according to this website, the New York Giants cap logo was slightly different than the current Mets cap logo. Was this change made in 1962, or at some point later on?

NY Giants logo

NY Mets logo

I actually prefer the old Giants logo to the Mets current one. The sqatter, more equally proportioned old logo looks better on a cap.

Does anyone know if there was a change at some point? Which one do you prefer?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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