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Bad color combos


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While we were talking about how cool blue and orange looks as a color combo (and IMO, it looks neat- New York's city flag has those two colors, coincidentally), what color combos would not look that good?

Lemme think..... how about lime green and red?

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Orange & Kelly Green - That might be the color of Florida A&M and Miami Univ, but man that hurts to see those colors together.

Also Purple (eggplant) and Green (teal) - yuck, kinda like the old might ducks colors.

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I agree with the Eagles throwbacks. I was looking at this and was like "every colour combination can look good if done properly". Well... I stand corrected. I'd post a pic except I'm sure you've all seen pics and I don't want anybody puking up their breakfast

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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