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Vancouver Canucks

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So, its been awhile since I've done a hockey concept and I figured who better then the Vancouver Canucks. I like most people was really disappointed with what the Canucks did for their new jerseys. Also the whale logo they've been using I have never really been a fan of so I figured it was time to change that. Heres what I came up with. C+C is welcome, also so are suggestions on how to improve the concept.







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Yours a pretty good but I think that the fans would like to see the same style of jersey they have now only with the logo that you chose. Kinda something like what I did they day they came out. I am sure that everyone could live with yours though. Good Job.

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I think it is good but it think it needs a little modernizing. IDK, maybe the number font that they use now but with the same idea ur getting at, it could be a great compromise between old-school and modern. I do believe that the Canucks should use thier Johnny Canuck alot more if not as thier primary, so I like your concept alot in that area. I think some little changes here and there but other than that its good.

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thanks for the comments so far, i did a little modifying to the home and away, home added white stripes, on the away changed it to a "silver" shoulder piping with blue so here it is

Updated Home


Updated Away


That looks much better.

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