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while i like ur desighn snowcap, i perfer the islanders current template they use for their alts. i would, however i would like to see their lighthouse logo become the primary on their current alts. with their primary on the shoulders. its just that the islanders currnt 3rd desighn is so unique i think they should keep it. still a neat, clean desighn snowcap.
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I like it a lot, but I do have comments.

What you have here is a juxtaposition of futuristic and retro elements, and I don't think it works. The shoulder pattern is a very modern-looking one, with the rounded portion coming to a point. This is seen on newer jerseys, such as Los Angeles's and Florida's. Also, you have a modern-looking font for the numbers. For these reasons, I think that the tie-down collar just doesn't belong on this jersey.

Second, I think a largely blue shoulder logo may get lost in the blue shoulders.

That said, these are such small things that hardly take away from the overall jersey. Very nice job.

Go Rangers.

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