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Foster's Lager

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G'day fellas, I thought looking at a Foster's bottle that it is pretty outdated, so I thought I'd come up with a new modernised logo in the same or similar vein as the VB update.

This is the old bottle label


And this is my idea:


I made an effort to keep the F and the shadow, but wanted to incorporate 'Foster's' wordmark into the logo itself.

I think it's a cleaner look.

But I am interested as to what you guys think.

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i think it looks anything but a modernisation bro.

i think youve gone the other way by adding extra bits, gradients, a very complicated gold ring, an uncentralised f which

actually encroaches on the ring. also the word fosters doesnt sit easily as it spans the ring also, and you mix up the line widths

by putting very thin outlines on the southern cross.

dont mean to sound harsh man, but youve broken lots of design rules and definaly gone in the opposite direction with this one.

i reckon their logo is about as simple as its gonna get to be honest.

perhaps if you get rid of your watermark, the angle of it means the whole thing looks off ballance and creates teh optical illusion

that the two kangaroos are on different levels.

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yeah look, its not that the logo is too bad. its just that if simplifying/ modernising/ making it 'cleaner' was the plan, ive think youve

probably done the opposite. youve added more elements and they sit awkwardly together and, in the case of the f and text, clip other elements.

i would take a complicated logo to start with and have a crack at that. speights or something springs to mind. (altho i have 6/7 otago jerseys with it on so dont be too brutal.)


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Yeh, I see what ya mean.

I just felt the current Fosters logo is a bit plain and really don't like the tone of yellow.

If I got rid of the gradient? Or leave the gradient and minus the Foster's and the Southern Cross?

I'm going to my nan's for the next few days so next week or whatever, I might try Speights

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when i opened this, part of me was hoping to see the kangaroo made to read as an F, kind of like the Atlanta Falcons newer logo, but that might not have worked...

i never understood the yellow ring, so for me, that is able to be let go of. I could see the F working on its own, if it were made a little more interesting, maybe by putting the stars into the F a little bit. I don't know. I just think trying to simplify it would result in a nice looking F that can stand alone because it also incorporates other images into it.

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I've spent the last half an hour on this, I've gotta go right now. I'm finished school and I've still gotta turn up there.

Heinekken have a green bottle, so why couldn't Foster's go with a blue bottle? It's something to identify them with.


I changed the shape of the whole label, to a more roudner look, its the ring stretched out.

Why do you guys think?

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its still more complex than the current logo. youve added more elements and a variety of line widths which look awkward.

you say you want to modernise it but its already very simple, i dont know what you can do to it to be honest.

personally i think you could have gotten rid of the white line around the gold oval on the original but otherwise its pretty solid.

i think the reason beer companies use clear or natural colours for bottles is one of basic association. people tend not to be turned

on by food that has very unnatural colours. plus when you fill a blue bottle with an amber liquid its gonna start to look green i spose

spoiling your corporate colours.

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