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Reebok logo on Bears jersey


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I posted this in the Bears orange jersey forum, but no response.


The Reebok logo on the Bears orange jersey was also orange, so it was unnoticeable from a distance. Does any other team do this on there jerseys? Anybody know why it was done on the Bears jersey?

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I noticed the same thing during the game. Most of the time on TV, it seemed orange-on-orange, but from different angles it showed up as blue. No idea why that would be, but I like that the logo "disappeared" a lot.

Is the Reebok logo a reflective material? -- at one point I thought it was just so shiny that it made the blue hard to see.

At first it reminded me of the color-on-color New Era caps (I have minor league examples) and I thought it was interesting that Reebok would do that. Once I saw it as blue I realized that most companies never would.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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