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The Good Old Days: Sports When You Were a Kid


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I put together a group of photographs best representing what I enjoyed watching most as a kid whether it be teams (Miami/Milwaukee teams) or players (David Justice, Wayne Gretzky, and Charles Barkley). Feel free to put together your own photographs that represent you. Getty Images has plenty to work with =).


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Wow, what a nice thread... let's place my memories here when I was a kid...


That was Honus Wagner... what a player!!!


Cy Young... I saw him pitching in a World Series against Honus... I believe it was 1903...


That was Maurice Richard, a.k.a. the Rocket... saw him winning a couple of Stanley Cups...

HA HA HA... I'm kidding... I'm not soooo old... ^_^:D

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Now, more seriously... here go images of sportsmen I really admire when I was a kid.


This is Ricardo Bochini, a former 10 of Independiente (Argentina). I saw him playing soccer... wow, he always managed genial plays arranging the ball for his wings.

Word is that Maradona had him as his childhood idol.


Maradona only when he was a soccer player. A great 1986 World Cup and several beautiful plays.

My wonder finishes when started the politics and private life of him.


Before Zidane, the best French player was Michel Platini. Always rooted for France because of him.


Gabriela Sabatini, Argentinean tennist. Now I follow Federer, Nalbandian and some Argentinean guys.

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Hey, that is Larry Bird!!! Go Celtics!!! When he retired, I lost interest on the NBA. I didn't mind about Jordan.


Dan Marino. The best Dolphin ever!


The little big Kirby Puckett!


Nolan Ryan

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This man by himself nearly made me a Mariners fan.


I used to love watching this guy as a little kid, back when ESPN used to show those NBA greatest games.


Let us not forget, if the NFL were to allow people to go in as a player for a certain team, Deion would've chosen the Falcons. He still loves this team.


Slowest dude ever, but he was a good QB.


I learned the "Dirty Bird" by watching him do it.

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I grew up watching this dude win ALL THE TIME. I used to think Marv Albert literally follwed this guy around, all the times that the Bulls were on NBC.


My mom hated him, but as far as I was concerned, Rodman was my favorite from the 90s Bulls.


Alright, I DEFINITELY didn't grow up watching this dude...but he's still my favorite Hawk of all time.


The last great Atlanta Hawk.


Made me believe that making the NBA wasn't so farfetched.

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Tyler Watts - QB Alabama in the late 1990s


Mookie Blaylock singlehandedly got me into the NBA when I was little - I loved his name.


Chipper Jones was my favorite player in the MLB until Giles hit town.

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When I first started watching sports (mid to late '90's) my favorite players were.....


Jason Dawe

I really don't know why I liked him so much. I remember the day they traded him. I came home from school and my dad told me. I was so upset.


Dominik Hasek

Best goalie of all time.


Jay Riemersma

Kelly and the K-gun just split apart as I was getting into football. I really liked his name, and he was a good TE. He along with Flutie were my favorite Bills until they left.


Doug Flutie

Basically the same reason as Riemersma


Cal Ripken Jr.

2131 was one of my first games I remember watching. So, my dad liking the Orioles, and me (like any other son) wanting to emulate my father, I became an Oriole fan, and he was a great player and honored in that game, I became an Oriole, and Ripken fan.

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When I was very young (like 6 or 7) I could name every NHL team's home stadium, captain, coach, starting goalie and a significant portion of the league's player roster. Now...well, now I'm nowhere near that.

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These were the ones I watched the most when I was growing up.

Alan Trammell


Lou Whitaker


Steve Yzerman


Peter Stastny


Same. Too bad you couldn't find a Chet Lemon pic. I used to emulate his batting stance in little league.

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Alright, well, here goes:


Top Row

1. Tim Salmon...he could probably be listed as my favorite all-time player, if it weren't for Jim Edmonds' catch. You know which one.

2. J.T. Snow...the best defensive 1B I'd ever seen. Even when he went to SF and Boston, I still loved the guy. I even have a book about him. He has the same favorite book(Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) as I do, oddly enough.

3. Chili Davis...again, those mid-90s Angels

4. Mark Langston...the reason I'm an Angels fan, basically.

2nd Row

1. Barry Sanders...need I explain? The best football player ever.

2. Herman Moore...I alwasy wanted to be a WR for the Lions, but alas, I'm chubby, short, and slow. I've got great hands, though, as I've been asked multiple times if I played wideout in high school.

3. Dan Marino...my brother's a huge Dolphin fan and idolized Marino. Heck, my brother went to Pitt(and during his junior year, met and drank with Dan). I've always liked Marino, as well as the Marks Brothers(I share Duper's birthday).

4. Sergei Fedorov...probably my favorite hockey player ever.

Bottom Row

1. Charles Barkley...again, my brother liked him as a Sixer, and I just kinda followed suit. I really started to follow basketball once Chuck went to the Suns.

2. Paul Coffey...beofre there was Lidstrom, there was Coffey.

3. Stevie Y...well, again, no real commentary needed here: The Captain, enough said.

4a. Thunder :censored:ing Dan, period. His poster hangs above my couch as I type this. He's still my favorite basketball, although he's been out of the league for a few years.

4b. Kevin Johnson...Those '93-94 Suns were just amazing. They lost the finals while I was in Disney World, and my week in Orlando was somewhat ruined.

(There may be an installment 2 coming, as I can think of several more players I idolized as a kid(and, well, many are still playing, as I'm only 21.)

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Man, I feel old. I grew up watching guys like...

Billy Kilmer, Saints


Bob Hayes, Cowboys


Tom Dempsey, Saints (here kicking his NFL-record 63-yard FG to beat Detroit in 1970...was there for that one.)


Bob Gibson, Cardinals


Brooks Robinson, Orioles


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Tom Dempsey, Saints (here kicking his NFL-record 63-yard FG to beat Detroit in 1970...was there for that one.)


You were there for that?! That's awesome.

Yep...November 8, 1970 in Tulane Stadium. I was 9 years old. Sadly, through the years I lost my ticket stub and I don't think I bought a program at that game. But I sure remember how the place went bananas when those refs' arms went up.

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By far my favorite time watching sports were 96 and 97 when the Orioles were a top team in baseball. I never enjoyed baseball as much as I did then. Sometimes I think back to how great and fun it was to watch O's games (instead of getting excitied and watching them constantly blow games). I really hope the Orioles get better again soon so I can relive those fun baseball experiences again.

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