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Two-sport players


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I'm compiling a list of every multi-sport professional athlete. I know, it's a big task, which is why I'm asking for help.

There are many many athletes who have competed on the top collegiate level or internationally (e.g., Olympics) in multiple sports, so I've set some ground rules to make this a little manageable. I'm only looking for athletes who have competed at the highest professional level -- amateur competition, no matter how successful or prominent, doesn't count, at least not for this list.

That said, here are the names I've come up with so far. Please read through them and tell me if you can think of any others, or if I have someone who shouldn't be there. (After the list, there are a few questions I have, too.)

Baseball and football

Cliff Aberson, Red Badgro, Norm Bass, Gene Bedford, Charlie Berry, Larry Bettencourt, Lyle Bigbee, Josh Booty, Tom Brown, Garland Buckeye

Bruce Caldwell, Ralph Capron, Jim Casiglia, Chuck Corgan, Shorty DesJardien, D.J. Dozier, Chuck Dressen, Paddy Driscoll, Ox Eckhardt, Steve Filipowicz

Bob Fitzke, Paul Florence, Walt French, Wally Gilbert, Norm Glockson, Frank Grube, Bruno Haas, Hinky Haines, George Halas, Carroll Hardy

Drew Henson, Chad Hutchinson, Bo Jackson, Vic Janowicz, Rex Johnson, Brian Jordan, Matt Kinzer, Bert Kuczynski, Pete Layden, Jim Levey

Dean Look, Waddy MacPhee, Howie Maple, Walt Masters, Bill McWilliams, Johnny Mohardt, Ernie Nevers, Ossie Orwoll, Ace Parker, Jack Perrin

Al Pierotti, Pid Purdy, Dick Reichle, Deion Sanders, Johnny Scalzi, John Singleton, Red Smith, Evar Swanson, Jim Thorpe, Andy Tomasic

Luke Urban, Joe Vance, Ernie Vick, Tom Whelan, Mike Wilson, Hoge Workman, Ab Wright, Tom Yewcic, Russ Young

Baseball and basketball

Danny Ainge, Ernie Andres, Frankie Baumholtz, Hank Biasatti, Lou Boudreau, Frank Carswell, Gene Conley, Chuck Connors, George Crowe, Dave DeBusschere

Johnny Gee, Don Grate, Dick Groat, Steve Hamilton, Mark Hendrickson, Bill McCahan, Cotton Nash, Irv Noren, Ron Reed, Del Rice

Dick Ricketts, Rusty Saunders, Howie Schultz, Johnny Simmons

Football and basketball

O'Neal Adams, Lou Barle, Connie Mack Berry, Ted Cook, Hal Crisler, Cookie Cunningham, Armand Cure, Jack Dugger, Don Eliason, Dick Evans

Len Ford, Ted Fritsch Sr., Gorham Getchell, Otto Graham, Bud Grant, Vern Huffman, Bob MacLeod, Joel Mason, Max Morris, Ray Ramsey

Frank Sachse, Otto Schnellbacher, Bob Shaw, Jim Spruill, George Svendsen, Clint Wager, Ron Widby, John Wiethe, George Wilson Sr., Lonnie Wright

Football and soccer

Chris Bahr, Horst Muhlmann

Basketball and tennis

John Lucas

Football and boxing

Mark Gastineau, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Charley Powell

Some additional questions:

  • Does anyone know if Willie Gault, Bob Hayes, Renaldo Nehemiah and Herb Washington ran professional track, or just top-level amateur?
  • Does Tom Hammonds actually drive in drag racing, or is he just an owner?
  • Are there any NHL players who played another sport? (Kirk McCaskill played in the high minors, that's the closest I can find.)

Thanks for the help!

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I have my doubts you're including them, but many pro wrestlers have played pro football:

- Brian Pillman

- Steve McMichael

- John Layfield

- Brock Lesnar

- Hacksaw Jim Duggan

- "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff

- Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd

- Kevin Greene

- The Rock

- Bill Goldberg

- Vader

- Ahmed Johnson

- Wahoo McDaniel

- Tito Santana

- Darren Drozdov

- Lex Luger

- John Heidenreich

- Ron Simmons

- Steve "Dr. Death" Williams (USFL)

- Bronco Nagurski


- Kevin Nash played professional basketball in Europe

- Randy Savage played minor league baseball for the Cards, ChiSox and Reds

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Darren Bennett, Sav Rocca and Benny Graham - AFL and NFL

That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for! Thanks!

Tom Glavine was drafted by the LA Kings

I don't think he ever actually played for them, though ...

Didn't Tony Meola (?) play pro soccer and then place kicker for the Jets?

... nor did Meola ever play in a game for the Jets, so they wouldn't count. Thanks anyway.

Not to mention that Chris Drury won a World Series.


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Before last week's Monday Night game, they were mentioning that Packers RB Vernand Morency spent some time in the Colorado Rockies farm system. And let's not forget Peter Zezel playing hockey for the Maple Leafs and soccer for both the NASL's (which was considered a major league during its era) Toronto Blizzard and the Canadian Soccer League's (the top flight Canadian pro soccer league) North York Rockets.

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