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Amazing Sports Photography


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If you read Sports Illustrated you're familiar with the 2-page photo spreads that open the magazine. The pic below is one of the photos featured in the current issue. It's an incredible in-game shot of the Dodgers' Willie Davis sliding into second base in a 1965 game at Dodger Stadium. The camera was under the bag. WOW!


Oddly, I couldn't find the above pic on Mr. Leifer's website but there are plenty of insightful photos like the following portrait of a muddy Joe Namath at Shea Stadium:


The Super Bowl I coin toss, very interesting considering the army of people present at the toss in recent Super Bowls:


The magnificent Secretariat pounding down the stretch at Churchill Downs:


And his talents aren't limited to sports. Here's the USS New Jersey firing a salvo:


Definitely worth taking a look.

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