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Saginaw Sting


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It's seems the old owner of the Pirates, for which I 'worked' for, sold the team to Saginaw. The forums very own Jordan Sain has done most of the logo work in the league. From looking at his creations he chooses the initial logo/colors and then the teams make the necessary changes. You can check out this link http://www.continentalindoorfootball.com/C...pic,2613.0.html to see the evolution of his work. Interesting choice of colors for Saginaw, I like it.

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I'm not really getting a bee/hornet vibe from the logo, it looks more like a flying ant to me...none the less I will be attending when the season starts! The tri-city area (Midland-Saginaw-Bay City) has been a major expansion area for minor pro sports lately, with the Saginaw Spirit (OHL), the Great Lakes Loons (Single A baseball?), and now the Saginaw Sting (CIFL) all ariving in the past 5 years. The Spirit alone have done wonders for the city, and all the Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle hype has as well!

Here's a short article about the Sting from the Saginaw Valley State University Vanguard (my school newspaper)


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