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Ugliest hat ever?


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I don't know if its just the picture, but the green looks more pastel, is it supposed to be, or should it be the electric green?

The textile/fabric color for the Seahawks' Bright Green is more "pastelly" than it is in print:


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I was looking for hats this morning and I came across this monstrosity


did they really need to use that shade of green?

now I challenge you to find a uglier hat than this. I apologize if you own this hat or really like it, but i think its hideous.

This hat would have been a hit in the early 90s. One could wear it with the big sweatshirt with the team name that runs from on the right arm all the way across to on the left. Maybe with some sweats and Reebok cross trainers.

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This thread got me tooling around on hatland.com and I found a couple of ahem...beauties.TWCPgumballnewyan-whtmulti.jpg

and NEFBmrsockets-grnwht.jpg

Frightening stuff.

Then again I have been collecting the Reebok "Hardwood Classic" player hats and love my rainbow Denver Nuggets Alex English cap...so who am I to complain?

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