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Alternative Rugby Commentary Rebrand.


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Howdy fellas,

As some of you may know, I help run an event called the Alternative Rugby Commentary both in New Zealand and the UK. We recently completed our first major season with an end of year Rugby World Cup UK Tour. Basically, Jed Thian fronts the show as the Altenative Commentator and offers an acerbic live commentary which is broadcast from his small tin shack commentary box to both the live crowd and a growing internet audience from all corners of the globe.

My role in this effectively revolves around promotion, the odd bit of schmoosing and a huge amount of alcohol consumption. And occasionally a bit of animation for youtube marketing. see www.arcrugby.co.nz video section for details and all the episodes. they are also posted somewhere in this part of the forum as well.

When we first started, i had very little time to do any real design work for it and it all got sort of rushed and looks a bit slapped together. This has very much irritated me since.

Well, it looks like the tour proved to be a great success as we have a lot of interest and possibly some very high profile backing for next season. This also means we will be needing something a little sexier for the next stage of the ARC so ive been working on some bits and pieces and thought id share them to see what you think.

Firstly here is a bit of the imagery we used last year. Jed or the 'Creature' as he has become known is the character depicted here. The logo was the first thing we designed and has never really managed to fit with any other elements since and the character has never looked like Jed since the bastard grew his beard out.


Here is the new idea that utilises far more of the the text style used on subsequent advertising and our videos. (see our Alternative Rugby Commentary Best of 2007 Reel) aswell as a revamped illustration of the bloke.


And here are a few more 'moods.


Id like to know what you people think.



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just realised logo looks like the mongrel mobs! :censored:!

thats like an even more degenerate form of the hells angels to you americans.

these guys really are world class d*cks, nothing like as cool as the angels.

so it will be back to the goddamn drawing board in terms of type and layout. ideas welcome!


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I prefer the ones in the circle, and can't see too many similarities, apart from the fact that it's in a circle with the text around the outside.

I'd also like to see like a home made type font for either "the Alternative" or "Rugby Commentary", like Sketchy or similar.

I dunno why, just think it might look like the idea of a guy making it up as he goes along.


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I'll echo that. I know you don't like it, but I absolutely love the original 'Rugby Commentary' logo with the microphone cord leading into the script. It's classy and great, but I can understand if it doesn't fit with other elements. The problem I have with the two latest updates is that Jed just looks slapped on there. Maybe it's because he's a full-color illustration and the graphics are just black, white and red, or maybe it's because its just his arms, shoulders and head. I don't know if you could do Jed in black and white like the microphone illustration, use the full-body Jed or somehow better integrate him with the type, but that's what I see as the problem

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I guess the good thing with the Rugby Commentary font is how easily it became other shapes for the animation.

Who could forget what the Kiwis were going to to do to the Aussies when they played in NZ, with the two dogs.

But does that mean it has to be used in the main logo?

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i liked the original logo, new ones don't appeal to me that much, although the new Thian is great. I noticed something odd - All blacks are Adidas team and you put Catenbury logo on their shirt??? Or is it that next year they'll switch?

many kiwis dont like a german country being the kit manufacturer, especially after the work cup debacle. ccc is the old manufacturer.

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