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The New Orleans Saints


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After a long time away from the CCSLC, due to the craziness of school, I finally did the concept I'd been waiting to due since July or so. I'd sat on multiple designs, none of which really did it for me. From a piping design that felt like a Pac-10 Nike update, to the throwback set similar to the ones used a few years back (on Monday Night football), I think I'm close to the right design. The biggest love of the Saints is in the gold. It's goddamn beautiful. The Saints are one of few teams to use gold as a official secondary color. My idea in in this concept was to make the black (the black jerseys that they've suffered in god knows how long) the THIRD color in the set. The most important part of the Saints is gold, and I wanted to put a little different spin on them while still keeping that in mind.

For the primary, I wanted a pure white fleur-de-lis. Clean, classy, glimmering, pure absolute white. But then I asked my self, "self, how could the Saints and the gold I love so not be the color of the fleur-de-lis!?" Well, the fleur-de-lis has been black before, a disgrace to it my opinion. I think white gives it just as much class and demands just as much respect as the gold does. One thing the Saints have always lacked is respect, and I think the classic white fleur would help earn this from an identity stand point. I think surrounding the white fleur in the classic Saints gold and black even betters the design, giving it contrast and allowing the eye to work from the inside out, a serious problem with the current fleur-de-lis.

For the uniforms, I aimed to capitalize on the Saints gold (and all those years of torture in the black uni's) and make the home jersey gold. Back in the days prior to the SuperDome, they'd often wear white uni's at home (thanks to ridiculous LA weather in September). The Saints rocked the whites a couple times last year as well. I think these are a step in that direction as well, but making it the jerseys for the SuperDome, rather than the jerseys the wear on the road as well. I used white pants to keep the theme of Gold being the primary, and white being the secondary. The away jerseys use a little more black, giving them a little more "umph" for the road games. Both jerseys use the very classical sleeving pattern from the Saints history, and it truly is one of the few redeemable things from the Saints time line.

OK, after all that talking, it's time to look at the concept. I present the first draft of the 2008 New Orleans Saints:

EDIT: Yeah, when I saw it online, the gold turned kinda, mustard? Apparently when I switched the colors to PANTONE that was the closest swatch, and thus . . . Also, I changed the away pants to keep the minimalism of black. C&C, please.

EDIT #2: Changed the socks and added a black jersey for reference. I'm really interested in what people think of the whole lack of black, and if it is disliked, why? (is it conceptual or the actual execution) Also, any other pickings you guys can give me. I'm really trying to refine this thing to be "damn good," rather than "mediocre," or "slightly interesting."



Muchas Gracias.

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i really like the black jersey concept. it seems a more complete set as the striping on the socks matches the striping on the shoulders of the jersey. I would change the socks of the other two to match up the striping and colouring because it looks a bit haphazard otherwise.

that is a great template too ... keep it up.

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- jersey striping, especially the black jersey (although I am a fan of the gold as well)

- gold pants with the black jersey, no monochrome


- the gold fluer de lis

- the large white stripe on the gold pants

Overall, this is a good concept...keep working with it, but I really like where you're going with it.

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