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Miami Heat release Hardwood Classics Swingman Jerseys


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It looks okay when you have one number, but in the Glen Rice case...it's off center :blink: On top of which, why Keith Askins? I know he was a decent player, but he wasn't key to the team the way Rice, Steve Smith, and Rony Seikaly were at the time. Obviously they don't want to use Mourning because they want to sell his current jersey more, and I suppose Tim Hardaway got himself removed with his comments earlier...so why not maybe Dan Majerle? How about Rex Chapman, P.J. Brown, I don't know....a bunch of people could've been used.



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Could just be a production issue. Here's how the official graphics looked back in the day:


I've mentioned this before, but those original Heat colors were some crazy-a$$ custom colors. Between that the gradients, the graphics were probably really difficult to reproduce.

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Askins was the very last of the Original Heat, from their first season, which was I believe the 1988-89 season? Anyway, he was there for the first season, and was eventually the last one of that team to leave. So, that may have something to do with making one for him.

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Rice, Smith, Seikaly and Askins are all nice choices -- and all played significant roles on my favorite Tecmo Super Basketball team. I played as them because the Bulls were always too good.

Even picked up a Glen Rice road jersey because I played that game so much as the Heat. They had some game-used versions of these at the store at the AAA when I went regularly back in 2002 or so. It took all I had not to pick one up.

Now all they need is Tecmo legend Jon Sundvold... 3!

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Askins was the very last of the Original Heat...

Statements like that only serve to prove that some "singular" team names are just plain hard to work with like this...and some just don't work at all. ("Heat" I can deal with..."Magic" on the other hand? Ehh...)

Conjugate this into a sentence and you'll see my point:

Trot Nixon >>> former team was the Red Sox

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Oh my goodness....a friggin' Keith Askins jersey. Never thought I'd ever see the day. Granted, I'm a die-hard Suns fan, but I spent quite a few years following the Heat during the Thunder Dan era. In fact, I have the black version of these of Alonzo Mourning hanging in my room, right next to Thunder Dan and Jamal Mashburn.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing these guys:

- Vashon Lenard

- Sasha Danilovich(sp?)....I think I'd crap myself if I saw someone wearing a Sasha jersey

- Thunder Dan, as mentioned, although I'd kill for a Majerle Cavs jersey with the paint swoosh thingy

- Matt Geiger

- Harold Minor, as mentioned

- Brian Shaw

- Grant Long...solely for his rec-specs

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