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New Gator Bowl logo


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I know this was discussed in early Sept. but it didn't get much response/attention at that time.

Better now, as the bowl season approaches. It's definately a down grade in quality. They could have

done so much better. Here's my upgrade, staying with their theme, I added only a gator.

Note the gator ridges from the back of the gator at the bottom of the logo or maybe it's grass??? :?


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When I think 'Gator' the colors blue and gold don't readily come to mind.

You're right; those are the colors that come to mind when you think 'Konica Minolta' and 'Sunny Florida.' It's all about the business, my friend. It probably was headed for production when somebody said, "Whoa, maybe we should reference a gator in this somehow." Then they added a sliver of gator scales and colored them green to be cohesive with the 'Gator Bowl' name. My issue with this is the total freeware typeface that I could go download from dafont.com and exploit for free. I hope the people doing these bowl game logos don't refer to themselves as professionals. I could be wrong, but my gut tells me that a bowl game committee makes enough money to pay for a good logo, especially a middle-tier game like the Gator Bowl that's been around for awhile and is played in one of the biggest wintertime tourist attractions in the country, that being the state of Florida.

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Thing of it is, Andrew, is that most bowl games nowadays don't make nearly the money you'd think they would... A few years ago I half-heartedly looked into the possibility of organizing a group to bring a bowl game to the Raleigh area, one of my 100's of potential projects that after saying "Wouldn't it be cool if...?"

Despite the corporate tie-ins that bowls almost always have to have, despite all the secondary streams of revenue (TV, etc.), despite the fact that other than paying the university a set amount as an appearance fee their potential expenses could be relatively nominal - they're usually, at best, a break-even proposition each year anymore.

Back in the day when there were only 10 bowls a year, each one was special enough that it warranted its own level of consideration, both in terms of respect and revenue. Nowadays, with 30 or so, each one that isn't among the BCS elite is essentially just another road game for the competing teams - unless you have a warm weather tie-in (Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, etc.) or a corporate sponsor willing to pony up some serious jack to make it worthwhile to the schools.

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