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SI's NCAA Basketball Issue Errors


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Sports Illustrated's College Basketball Preview issue (Nov. 19) has a few errors as far as the team logos go. The first one I noticed was the Kansas Jayhawks. The logo they used is old and out of date. Kansas has added the Trajan font to everything, including the uniforms starting this year, and it is now on the Jayhawk logo. Another mistake is the logo used for the Louisville Cardinals, Illinois State?s logo was used. Lastly, a slight mistake was made with the Texas A&M logo. The ?a? and ?m? have increased in size. The one thing that gets me is, all the mistakes have a common tie. All the schools are linked to the University of Kansas in one way or another.

Both Louisville and Illinois State have KU ties. Louisville has a former Jayhawk in David Padgett on their roster. Padgett played his freshman season for Kansas before transferring. Illinois State?s head coach Tim Jankovich, in his first year, was an assistant under Bill Self last year in Lawrence. [link] [link]

Lastly, Texas A&M?s new coach Mark Turgeon was not only a former player for the Jayhawks (1984-87), he was also an assistant for five seasons (1987-92). [link]

The Jayhawk logo was changed in 2005. [link]

So I just have one question to ask, does Sports Illustrated have something against the Jayhawks?

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These media giants are so far down the curve as far as logos go... Wednesday night's ESPN NBA Insider or whatever it's called had some cycling logos in the background. They had the old Bucks logo on a purple card. Considering this is their second season with the new logo, I'm a bit disappointed. Then again, ESPN whores dropped the only Bucks game they were set to broadcast last year, so no national TV makes for low recognition. They just hate small markets.

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While talking about common ties; this is the second time in a week that the Illinois State logo has been brought up in a thread on the boards, both being posted by members from Kansas/Kansas City. I'm guess I'm just not used to having the local university having this much exposure.

But both ISU's and Louisville's logos have something in common that probably lead to the mix-up at SI, which certain members here consider a pet peeve; both logos are cardinals with teeth.

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