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yakima bears new logo


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Found the story, but no pics yet.


Yakima Bears get new logo, uniforms

Posted: Nov 20, 2007 01:08 AM MST

YAKIMA, Wash. - The Bears have updated their look. Monday they unveiled a a new logo, plus new home and away uniforms. The new Bear is black with dark red letters. It's less cartoonish than the old Bear.

Owners Mike and Laura McMurray paid $15,000 out of pocket for the new logo, and will pay even more for new uniforms.

"There's a cost that's associated with it, but we're thinking lot term," said general manager K.L. Wombacher. "We're gonna be here for years to come and we want to be a top of the line busines. It's kind of like baseball, It's all about having pride in your community and pride in your team. that's what we want to do is create a lot of opportunites for pride. The new look, the new logo, and the new approach we have will create that pride we're looking for."

The money spent soes not come out of state funds that will be used for stadium improvements at Yakima County Stadium.

Last year's jerseys and caps will still be around somewhat for fans who don;t want to buy the new gear.

"Everything we buy from here on out will be new, but we're gonna keep some of our old inventory as our classic line," said Wombacher. "People that like the old logo don't have to buy all new stuff, they can keep the old logo."

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Another take.


NWL -- Bears reveal fresh look without straying from tradition



Most minor league baseball teams like the Bears have a new look every season.

You know, many new players, most times a new manager and almost always a new coach or two.

But when Yakima opens its 2008 season next June, the new look will be outwardly visual.

Completely restyled uniforms and caps with new logos will probably be the first things fans notice.

The apparel, which will be available to the public through the Bears' Yakima County Stadium souvenir outlet and downtown office, was unveiled at a Monday news conference replete with a modeling runway.

Assistant general manager Aaron Arndt and new front office staffer Jared Jacobs did the honors, treating those in attendance to front, back and side views of the new threads and lids.

"It was time," general manager K.L. Wombacher said, acknowledging that the previous uniforms had pretty much worn out or had shrunk beyond the point of usefulness. "But we really like the new look, and we think the fans will, too. At least, we hope they do."

To link contemporary style with traditional stability, the Bears hired the Silverman Group, a Connecticut-based marketing firm, to help.

Home uniforms, with the usual white background, feature BEARS in block letters across the front in cardinal red with black numbers on the lower left side. Red and black piping circles the bottom of the sleeves.

Road gear features a cardinal red background with YAKIMA across the chest in white, with white numerals to the lower right and black and white piping on the sleeves.

The home cap will be black with a black and gray bear's head holding a bat in its mouth. Away headgear will be cardinal red with a crawling black bear, also carrying a bat.

There are also new cardinal red batting practice jerseys, and BP caps with a carbon-fiber look. The caps feature a bear claw and an interlocked Y and B on the front.

New logos include a fierce-looking black bear with the words Yakima and Bears between his claws, and also one with a kinder, gentler-looking animal for the younger set.

All new, to be sure, but with identifiable connections to the team's roots.

"Two things we told the Silverman Group," Wombacher said, "were first, we're not changing our nickname. And second, don't mess with our mascot, because we think Boomer's the best."

A press release noted that Yakima first sported professional baseball in 1920, and that teams have played 46 seasons under six different nicknames in three different leagues.

Most older fans will remember the Bears of the 1950s and early 1960s, when the late Hub Kittle -- as manager or general manager -- won six Northwest League championships.

A minor league affiliate of the Milwaukee Braves (1965) and Atlanta Braves (1966), Yakima was known as the Braves during those two seasons. The latter was Yakima's last in the NWL before returning in 1990 as the Bears.

In other team news, team president Mike McMurray said the Bears remain unsure who their manager will be next season. He has learned that Mike Bell will not return and hopes to find out who Bell's successor and staff members will be during the winter meetings early next month.

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"The Bears logo looks similar to the Bears logo."

I have to think if you are going to be the Bears, Lions, Tigers, Rhinos and whatever animal. The logo will resemble some other logo with the same nick-name.

So, that aside... I think the alts/cap logos are nice. Not too fond of the word mark/logo.

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I can understand the other two examples, but saying that the Bruin logo was copied as well, is a stretch. I mean how many different ways can one render a walking Bear?

I never said it was copied. I am just saying that there isn't much about this identity that feels fresh, the only thing that is, is the bear with bat in mouth head shot. As far as I can tell are all the different poses of the bear even rendered the same? The noses look different, I might be mistaken but I'd have to see a larger version.

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