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Many NHL recolourings


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Member cjbraun and I recoloured some NHL logos. We were just wondering what you think of them. :) cc

I think that you recolored some logos.

Not trying to make you feel miserable or anything, but around here "recolorizations" are not seen as concepts, and are generally taboo.

You're relativley new, so you have slack.

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Well, where should we have posted these?

Well probabaly shouldn't have. They are pretty sloppy, mainly because they are saved as .gif files (always save as .png) and some of them are not even that big of a change (ie the Blackhawks one). I am not saying you should not try to do concepts (or recolorings for that matter) but you dont and have to always post them...and you should really only post a recolored logo if you have something to go with it (ie a jersey or if you are playing around and switching colors between sports, like a knicks colored rangers logo and vic-versa)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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