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Pittsburgh Penguins


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Doing what i think has always had to have been done by the pens, cennecting the eras of good jerseys, with no blue or vegas gold....

here it is.

In reality, theyre the jerseys for my SHL team the Pittsburgh 58's (except fo rthe penguin logo), but it could work perfectly for the pens IMO.


The triangular shoulder yokes are based off of the 93-01 home jerseys, hem/sleeve stripes are based off the '68 jerseys like the ones theyre wearing int he winter classic, the diagonal Pittsburgh script is based of their original jerseys, the pants are the same as the ones from the 89-92 jerseys, and the socks are the same worn from 89-01. And, of course, the skating penguin.

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Yet another reason why dark should be the road color in the NHL - the diagonal PGH works soo much better on the black than on the white. I do think that the Pens should have at least an alt (if not a primary) that uses it though.

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logo is too small

i dont like it

too plain

I love them!

C'mon, y'all can give some better C+C than that! I actually like these jerseys and see some good potential. Heres changes that need to be made:

1. Move logo up on black, and put it on the white.

2. I don't like the shoulder yokes, maybe make them square, and change the striping on it to match the jersey?

3. Make socks match jersey stripe.

4. Add numbers+nameplate, looks incomplete.

I think that would make it look much better.

BTW maz...do you still want those sigs for your fantasy league?

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BTW maz...do you still want those sigs for your fantasy league?

Oh, I forgot all about that. Well, I still havent rounded up all the team's logos...itll take me a while to do so. You already did my team and drew22's, so there are 5 more, since we can already rule out another team since they have been going through an identity crisis this year (4 name changes in a year and never any logos or unis to go with em).

Other than that, for the changes to the unis, theyd sorta take away form what I was doing in connecting the eras...however I'll see if I work in some suggestion of yours since concepts taht combine different unis never seem to do well anyways.

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