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Air Force Football


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I downloaded a font a while back called USAAF Stencil and this concept popped out of my head one day while using it. Right now I'm not a big fan of the Academy's new uniforms, with the silver numbers on the white jersey and all. I liked them back when they where more simple, which is why I made these simple, with the usual lightning bolt on the sleeves and the thick blue stripe on the pants. The font on the jersey is where I got unique; using the USAAF Stencil font for the Numbers and "Air Force" on the front of the jerseys. I didn't include the helmet since I would have used the one they have now.

As always, let me know what you think.





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This isn't a knock on you. But it is odd that the numbers in that font don't have the same stencil look. I would make or find a font that has the numbers with a stencil look as well. Oh and for the sake of consistency the little AF on the hip should be in the same font.

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I actually have a font that was downloaded with USAAF that has the numbers in the same stencil look which I'll put on them tomorrow. As for the AF logo, it's an actual logo for Air Force, but I could easily make it have the stencil look. Just so you know this is mainly a bump.

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