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Manitoba Moose voted best AHL logo


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Whoever designed that Moose logo is a sclub. Definitely real bum piece. That crap is garbage. The Admirals clearly should have won.

AHhh Steve-O ya sure are a sourpuss because your Milwaukee Admirals logo didnt even win the AHL tourny?? Oh boy... I do think the Admirals' logo is interesting but that obliviously wasnt enough to get more top votes...

On the other hand, I am so damn proud of the Moose and the coolest logo ever... wooo go Moose go!!!

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I love that logo, i might even prefer that to the winnipeg jets logo as the best to come from that fine province.

Maybe the later incarnation of the Jets logo, yes. But the earlier, original Jets logo? NEVER!!!!!

And seeing the candidates in the AHL, it's little consolation. It's like being voted the prettiest chick at fat camp. But the moose is sweet. Likey lots.

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Here's Sterling's original submission:


The contest organizer for the Moose originally wanted the logo to be in the Canucks' colors.

I have to say. That looks pretty awesome, even better than the logo chosen for the Moose.

Didn't he also do one with too many colors? I seem to remember that from the Uniwatch thing when they went to Milwaukee. They said that the original patch had too many colors so they had to bring it down.

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