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New Hampshire Fisher Cats' new look


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I can't believe they dumped the team's original, customized font - which was meant to evoke birch bark - for this generic, curlicue crap. I also preferred the original color scheme. The new palette strikes me as being too bright.

Finally, the general layout of new primary logo does hew a bit too close to that of the New Britain Rock Cats for my liking. About the only thing I like in the new package is the "Fisher Cat Eyes" logo... and it strikes me that it is only a matter of time before said logo winds up on a cap similar to that of the Lake Elsinore Storm.

In my opinion, a significant downgrade.

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I can't say anything else that you guys haven't said. Their other logo set was so much nicer and original. If they wanted to shy away from the colors or dark brown, dark green and black... I could understand. But, the logos were awesome. Maybe only a color update (if possible) would've worked. My guess is "It's more kid friendly, wait 'til you see the new mascot!!"

I wonder if something is up with royalty payments or something. Do different designers settle for less of a percentage? Or is a logo design a flat fee regardless of merchandise sales?

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