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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Keyshawn Johnson


What in your opinion is his right jersey?

The correct uniform is either as a Buccaneer, where he won a ring, or in a suit on ESPN.

The guy was a dick in New York. I like to forget that he was ever a Jet.

As a Bucs fan, Keyshawn is a Jet. Yes, he got the Bucs a ring, but he never was a Buc. He was Gruden's man crush.

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All of these are just wrong-especially the Argos one.

The ones pre-Stamps--I'll let slide...




In AMERICA, pretty sure Flutie will always be associated with the Bills. Couldn't tell you what team(s) he played for in Canada.

I agree in the US he will be forever known as a Buffalo Bill.

How about the wrong facemask


Did he ever wear that in a game?

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I was looking up stats for Randy Johnson, and I wondered if he played in just the purple era Diamondbacks, but turns out he was there for 2 years after his stint in New York.


I know him in the original Arizona duds, just because he won the World Series, and my sponge-y elementary school mind soaked up that time in his career. :censored:, even him in Seattle looks weird because I'm not used to it.

Same here. I think of Johnson as a Diamondback over anything else.

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Mark Recchi:


Carolina Hurricanes, 2006


Atlanta Thrashers, 2007-08


Tampa Bay Lightning, 2008-09

Either a Bruin, Pen, Flyer or Hab.

I'd narrow that down to either a Pen or Flyer.

I counted the Habs and Bs because 1) I'm a Bruins fan, 2) he won a Cup with Boston (after spending a few years there, unlike with Carolina, where he only spent half a season), 3) I counted the Canadiens in because I didn't want to seem overly Bruins-partisan.

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