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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Here's one you never thought you'd see: Gordie Howe (back row, third from left) in a late 30's era Bruins uniform! (The pic was taken between 1940 and 1945 though.) Granted, this was only a Saskatoon-area midget team, but it still looks kind of weird to see him dressed like that. I wish there were some better pics of him in it. :)

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Here's one that most people don't remember...

Portland picked up Moses Malone in the ABA dispersal draft, and traded him away before the '76-'77 season started. Just about as bad as picking Bowie over Jordan, IMHO. Enough ranting, here's a pic...


Picture is for bid on eBay.

I've actually seen this before. I believe on Play Station NBA Live 2002, this is the pic for Moses Malone as an unlockable legend. It's just the headshopt, but I know that's it.

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Mega-bump, but I thought this was funny. I found out for the first time today that he ever wore a number other than #20; according to basketball-reference.com, he wore this in his rookie season in Seattle. Surprisingly, #20 was available in Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and Boston, all of which have many retired numbers and places where Payton played near the end of his career. I wonder why the one-year anomaly... actually, it was the last season of former #20, Quintin Dailey.


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