Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Really? I'd say that and Lakers are both the right uniform for Shaq. I'll even throw in the Heat too. But these are sooooo much more wrong for him than the Magic:  

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Terry Pendleton

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Illinois QB Wes Lunt wearing a jersey that he'll never wear in a game. He sat out last year after his transfer from Oklahoma State and we'll have new uniforms when he takes his first snap next season.


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Drew Bledsoe only wore these for a portion of a season before he got hurt:


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The Patriots switched to that style in 2000, the year before he was injured and Brady lead them to the Super Bowl.

In fact, that photo is from 2000, seeing as the Dolphins are wearing Nike uniforms. In 2001, Reebok took over all teams except for the three Adidas contracts which would remain for another year (NE, SF and TB). In 2002, Reebok did all uniforms and added the "Equipment" patch.

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I think this has been posted, but Petr Nedved played for Canada 20 years ago at the Olympics,


He'll be representing the Czech Republic again this year

I was curious about this. Isn't there a rule in the IIHF that says once you've played for one country internationally, you can't play for another? I know there is an exception to the rules with the former Soviet players playing for their true countries now, but for Nedved, I heard he wasn't allowed to play for the Czechs until now.

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