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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Bryant Reeves in an NBA jersey...By far the worst pick in NBA history



Ever hear of Sam Bowie? LaRue Martin? Len Bias? Michael Olowokandi? Darko Milicic? Andrew Bogut?

Back on topic, here's Robert Parish with the Bulls...


Hit a nerve with Len Bias. Had Bias not killed himself, Boston would've won at least 5 more titles. I mean you would've had Bias, Bird, McHale, Parish, Johnson. Need I Continue? I am way too young to know this but I do know my NBA history and I may be correct when I say the Cs would have at least 20 NBA championships cuz no one could've matched up with that roster...

I agree. That's really pushing it to say that Len Bias was one of the Worst Picks in NBA History (even if his death was drug-relatd). Nobody knew he was going to die soon after draft day.

And Andrew Bogut? He's not that bad. He is, somewhat, a bust, but not comparable to Sam Bowie. In fact, no one will ever be comparable to Sam Bowie.

And I have a contribution; Cleveland Browns Great Brian Sipe with the USFL's NJ Generals:


I don't think Bogut is necessarily a bust... it was pretty widely acknowledged that he game from a weak draft class and might not have even been top #5 in a more "typical" class.

In other words, I don't think any Bucks fans were expecting him to be the next Kareem...

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Speaking of Niners sensations, I just saw this and thought it looked a bit weird



Ronnie Lott as a Jet

I loved those Jets jerseys, but it was weird seeing him as a Jet!

Agreed, growing up with those unis I have come to really appreciate them. I like elements of the set they have now, but I miss these. At least these gave a team with a more modern name like "Jets" a more modern look.

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You think "Jets" is a modern name?

To me, it just screams Fifties and Sixties. The Jet Age and all....

yeah, you're right, maybe modern wasn't the right word... maybe more of a sense of motion.

Modern is the right word in that there's been no further evolution in aircraft propulsion. If they were the 'New York Props' it wouldn't be modern.

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Rich Gannon Redskins, Chiefs

And Ronnie Lott with the Raiders always seemed weird to me


Oh, and here's some old school stuff.


Which uniform is the "right" one for Gannon then? If you mean Oakland then I dont quite get it. He was in the league 10 years (and 5 with the Vikings alone) before he even went to the Raiders. Yes thats where he had his most success, but it doesnt exactly fit to say those were wrong. (or maybe its just me)

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Has anybody else seen that photoshop image of Favre in a #4 Vikings jersey?

*snicker* B)

There was one posted on foxsports.com the other day. It was a really crappy photoshop job.

Are you talking about this 1-minute job?...


...or this one?



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During that one off-season before Deion Sanders became a member of the Washington Redskins, he did a photo shoot for a video game company that was going to feature him on the cover of their product. At the time, no one knew which team he would play for, but it was down to about five teams. The video game company went ahead and had Sanders pose in each of the uniforms of the five potential suitors, with the plan to use the one of the team that he eventually would play for.

I know that one of the photos that was taken of Sanders was of him in a Miami Dolphins uniform.

Does anyone else know of the other team uniforms that he wore? Anyone ever SEE any of these? I remember vaguely that the photos were kept under tight wrap.

Anyway, if this has already been discussed here (or elsewhere), or if I have some (or all) of the facts wrong, I humbly apologize. I already know that I don't post here as much as some of you, and I don't read every thread.

What exactly are you talking about? What game was Sanders on around that time?

I think you may be referencing the year he signed with the Cowboys. What i was able to find points to that

After his public dispute with Jerry Rice and not feeling valued with 49ers, Deion with his agent Eugene Parker, proceeded to court numerous teams in need of an All-Pro cornerback. Several teams in the "Deion sweepstakes," as it was coined by the media that year, were the Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, and the Dallas Cowboys

And I just found final confirmation of that with this pic


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this is what an hour of boredom at work makes.


Thanks. I've always wondered what Jeff Garcia would look like as a Viking.

It actually looks more like Todd Bouman, but I wouldn't expect you to catch that.

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