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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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David Ortiz Twins with wrong real last name


Joshey, I can tell just from the pictures you posted that you're a Nets fan, but neither of those guys is a "legend," neither really did anything in NJ, and neither of them could really even be associated with the Nets as their "flagship team." So sorry, I'll pass.

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I knew it! I knew I wasn't crazy and that I had seen this somewhere...


Yes, Gordie the Shark! I found this clipping in amongst assorted sports stuff of mine I cleaned out of my dad's house today. File this one under "Gordie will do anything for a photo op"...

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I'm sure MJ in Washington blue has been posted many times over, but here's an interesting two-for-one I came across...




(That's :censored:ed the :censored: up, homie.)

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