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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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And when he played for the Cardinals, they were in the old NL East. So technically speaking, you can add this to your NL East list for him...


I'd probably like the Cardinals uniforms a lot more now if this wasn't the first image (though in blue or white) that pops in to my head when I think of them. I wish teams like them and the Red Sox had kept their (now current) looks since their inceptions, instead of going with pullovers, sansabelts, and obnoxious stripes for a while.

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Does Olli Jokinen have a wrong uniform? If he just got traded to St. Louis, he's now been on three teams this year. His longest tenures are with Florida and Calgary. I'm not even sure what to think:






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I would like to follow the approach taken by some posters, namely right team wrong uniform. And there is no better source of such pictures than the All-Star Weekend Shooting Stars contest when it comes to NBA. At the beginning I wanted to complain about the legends wearing former uniforms but while searching for the pictures from the early editions I realized that the things were wild from the very beginning.

In the first edition (2004) Magic, Kerr, Cummings and Salley wore uniforms that would have throwbacks while they played in the NBA (I would call them double throwbacks from this step on).


In 2005 Majerle, Dantley and English wore double throwbacks while Magic appeared in a current Lakers uniform.


In 2006 Kerr, Drexler and Majerle wore correct uniforms (by which I mean from the time period they actually played) but Magic stayed as the odd man out with the current jersey.


In 2007 all legends wore current uniforms, which makes it correct for Pippen only and wrong for Cooper, Gervin and Laimbeer



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Some throwbacks returned in 2008, which was a correct choice for Eddie Johnson. B.J. Armstrong, however, left the Bulls before they introduced pinstripes. The Admiral was fine, Laimbeer again wearing modern uniform.


From 2009 only current uniforms were in use, which means wrong uniforms for Cooper and Laimbeer again. Majerle has worn it only for his last season.


2010: Brent Barry, Kenny Smith, Steve Smith, Chris Webber


2011: The Smiths again (Kerr and Fox are fine)


2012: The Smiths and Dennis Scott (Houston is fine)


In 2013 and 2014 there were no jerseys, just shooting shirts, which brings us to 2015: Nique, Penny, D. Curry (he stayed in a shooting shirt during the contest) and Pippen (fine).


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From 2009 only current uniforms were in use, which means wrong uniforms for Cooper, Laimbeer and Majerle.


Actually, Majerle did wear that jersey during his last season. Though it's still not what he wore for the majority of his career.


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