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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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From 2009 only current uniforms were in use, which means wrong uniforms for Cooper, Laimbeer and Majerle.


Actually, Majerle did wear that jersey during his last season. Though it's still not what he wore for the majority of his career.


Thanks, I just corrected it.

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Here are some baseball players (and one manager) wearing uniforms which they never wore in any official game:


Ernie Banks taking batting practice with his son at Dodger Stadium in 1988


Babe Ruth suited up for the Giants in 1923 in a post-season exhibition game in his home town against his former team, the Baltimore Orioles of the American Association. Here he is with manager John McGraw.


Joe D. wore a Red Sox uniform in a 1946 post-season exhibition game between the Red Sox and a team of AL all-stars that was played after the regular season and before the World Series. Joe's Yankee uniform somehow didn't arrive at Fenway in time for the game, so he wore a Boston road uniform. Here he is with his brother Dom.


At the trading deadline of June 15, 1976, the A's traded Rollie Fingers and Joe Rudi to the A's and Vida Blue to the Yankees. Three days later, Commissioner Bowie Kuhn overruled the trades citing his "best interests of baseball" powers. None of the players got into any games with his new club during these days. Here is Fingers in his Red Sox uniform.


The Yankees' first public act after they temporarily moved into Shea Stadium was to introduce Dick Williams as their manager for 1974. However, after the Yankees thought they had Williams signed, A's owner Charlie Finley refused to let Williams out of his contact. Here's Williams at his Yankee unveiling at Shea in December of 1973.

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On the other hand, here he is as a Seattle Seahawk. Funny that he started his career there....

Here he is as a Texan


Yea, I probably should've posted these too, but I got lazy. In order to atone, I'll raise you Ahman Green, Omaha Knighthawk.


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