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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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I honestly don't remember if this was posted and I don't care to go through 208 pages to find out:


For some reason, Maris as a Cardinal never seemed that weird to me. I think of him as a Cardinal second right behind a Yankee. The Indians and A's are much more jarring to me.

Then again, when you watch *61 and see how poorly he was treated in New York, coupled with the fact that he was a mid-westerner and was much more happier and at home in St. Louis, you kinda get the feeling that a Cards uniform was the right uniform for him all along, he just didn't get to don it until the end of his career and after his prime.

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I'm not sure if this was mentioned yet, but Andre Johnson (who has been with the Texans for his entire career) will be in a Colts uniform next season. It's one thing to go to another team, but it's another when you've been with one team for so long and then you join another team (who happens to be in the SAME division). That's going to look very weird if you ask me.

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