Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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This isn't just "He has a new team, so it's wrong." I don't know if it's me or not, but doesn't something just about Sam Bradford in this Eagles uni? The sleeves look too big, the helmet looks too big, and the jersey looks too baggy. I don't know how to explain it, because he had a kind of big helmet and did the baggy sleeves in St Louis, but it didn't look

For comparison's sake, here he is in St Louis. He still has the baggy sleeves, but he actually looks like he fits in his uniform.


Or one better, here he is back in college. He looks great here, like a quarterback, not like a little kid in large pads.


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ki jana carter




Let's be honest here...any NFL uniform is a wrong one for Ki-Jana.

(For what it's worth, I had no idea he played for any one of these teams)

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Seems appropriate, given today's news... I present to you, Astros legend Yogi Berra:



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I find it more interesting that the left guys kit has the three stripes on it while Pele's kit has one thick stripe.

Probably because Pele was sponsored by Puma.

I'd bet that's why. It's also why Johan Cruyff wore only two stripes, rather than three, on his shirt and warm-up jacket during the 1974 World Cup:


(bottom row, second from left)


By the way, the "other guy" in the Team USA jersey is West Ham legend Bobby Moore, who was then playing in the NASL. He and Pele are flanking Gerry Francis of QPR.

That image shows something which I really wish had caught on -- league all-star teams instead of national teams. A "Team USA" consisting of NASL players played against the English national team in 1976. I am a big fan of club football; but I dislike international football because it traffics in nationalism, which I despise. I do watch the World Cup and the Euros; and, because someone has to win, I root for England. But I don't feel good about these tournaments, as the flags make me ill.

On the other hand, if the teams participating were representing not countries but leagues, then I could fully get behind it. I'd rather watch a Premier League all-star team play a La Liga all-star team than watch England play Spain. The teams would of course consist of players of multiple nationalities; and these players would move from one league all-star team to another as they change leagues, just as baseball players move from the American League all-star team to the National League all-star team after they change leagues.

That would be the kind of World Cup that I would enjoy! There's be no minnows. Just sixteen all-star teams representing the best of the world's top leagues. In my fantasy scenario, there would be four groups, and each group would contain a team from one of the major powers:

Premier League (England)

La Liga (Spain)

Serie A (Italy)

Bundesliga (Germany)

Then the other twelve teams would be apportioned to groups at random. If it were done right now, those other twelve teams might be:

Ligue 1 (France)

Eredivisie (Netherlands)

Brasileirão (Brazil)

Liga MX (Mexico)

MLS (U.S. / Canada)

Primera División (Argentina)

Primeira Liga (Portugal)

Championship (Russia)

Scottish Professional Football League

Belgian Pro League

J-League (Japan)

Super League (Switzerland)

The four major powers would have permanent spots. Qualifying matches would be played in the years before my fantasy World Cup to see which other twelve teams qualify.

Alas, this will never be. But it is one of the first things that I would bring into being as King of All Sports.

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