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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Regarding Favre: All I have to say is thank God the Jets don't wear the unis they wore for most of the 80's and 90s. I think that'd make my eyes bleed seeing Favre in that get up.

Either way it's going to be awfully weird seeing him in that uniform. At least i'll somewhat get used to it since he'll be in the same division as the Bills.

As a packer fan, seeing Brett in a Jets uni will be hard enough, I agree, thak God it isnt one of those lime green and white disasters they used to where. Now I think they have one of the better unis in the league, so that might help ease the pain a little

When exactly did the Jets where[sic] "lime green and white"?

Never; however, I will agree that the kelly green did "look" a bit lighter after they added black (1990-1997) since they also went to a shinyer fabric on the jerseys and added the green pants (which of course also use a shiny fabric).

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Not really a legend...but seeing Jason Elam with the Falcons and not the Broncos is a little odd to see.


more sad then weird.

I think both sad and weird and I'd question the "not really a legend"....IF a kicker CAN be a legend...he's up pretty high on the list.

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ESPN put up these 2 featuring the Jets...only one of them is really a legend...



...and that man is Boomer Esiason. Look it up, He has better career numbers. So does Kenny Anderson for that matter.

There's more to being a legend than just stats. Boomer never wore a fur coat on the sidelines or tried to kiss Suzy Kolber. Also that little thing called Super Bowl III.

No one's EVER taken something every athlete in the world does further! I'm sure there were 20 Broncos saying they were going to stun the 49ers in the Super Bowl....just like there were plenty saying they'd beat the Packers. Once they were more than a little wrong- and once they were dead on....when a guy the likes of a Shannon Sharpe talks he's a brash jerk- but this guy and his 17 of 28 for for 206 go down in history?? Credit in this game goes to defense and Matt Snell.

There IS more to being a legend than just stats....

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someone explain...

I'd be pissed if I was an Orioles fan.

The most logical reason's are

#1. Ripken's ownership group bought a minor league affiliate of the Rays, and this is just icing on the cake.

But I prefer #2.

In an alternate universe, the Rays have this as their first set, and Ripken was picked up in the expansion draft.

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