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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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While looking for Hank Aaron in Braves pinstripes to put in the "right team, wrong uniform thread", I came across a trio of Hall-of-Famers who were also Braves at the time in some capacity, but qualified more so for this thread:


Orlando Cepeda



Hoyt Wilhelm 



And "Pitching Coach/Pitcher" Satchel Paige


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A two-fer. 


King Felix batting and wearing the road greys at HOME against the Marlins. 


Three Miami / Dolphins Stadium games got relocated due to a U2 concert in 2011. Another reason they needed their own park- they couldn't even keep the dates they needed when the Dolphins wanted them out. 




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14 hours ago, insert name said:

and he was still recognized by the organization as a Marlins Alumni. He even showed up wearing a Marlins jersey at the final Dolphin Stadium game. 

No reason why they wouldn't recognize him. He did play here. It's not like he passed through here on a waiver claim or in a three way trade or something odd like that.

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I posted this last year with pics so I won't bother with all the pics again but along with Mike Piazza and Andre Dawson above, other significant players who have a Marlins uniform as their wrong uniform include Terry Pendleton, Tony Perez, Tim Raines, Aaron Boone, Ryan Dempster, Byung Hyung Kim, Adrian Gonzalez, Jason Grilli, Joe Girardi, Trevor Hoffman, Carlos Lee, Dan Haren, Mat Latos, Carlos Zambrano, Tino Martinez, Heath Bell, Rafael Furcal, and Placido Polanco. 

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