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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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some cycling ones, why not



Laurent Fignon in Gatorade colors- Anything other than Renault or Super-U looks wrong, really, but even Castorama looked alright. As cool as the Gatorade kit was, it's very much not his look.





Peter Sagan in the 2015 Tinkoff colors, prior to him winning the World Championships - Seeing Sagan in a kit other than the rainbow jersey or TDF green jersey is weird enough, but his early years in the bright green Cannondale jerseys were fairly iconic. This, however, was just a weird, ugly kit, and a piss-poor way to display his Slovakian championship. Thankfully he spent three solid years in the rainbow WC stripes after that, but jeez.




Tom Boonen, USPS


Even by weird "Oh, I forgot he rode for them" rookie team kit standards, this is weird.




Alejandro Valverde, Illes Balears


Right team, wrong sponsor. Movistar have rarely changed sponsors, having Reynolds for the 80s, Banesto for the 90s, Caisse d'Epargne for the late 00s, and Movistar for the '10s, but there was an odd period starting about 2000 where they went a bit nuts before settling on the boring, but fairly iconic Caisse d'Epargne kit. This was probably the weirdest of them all. 




Stephen Roche, Tonton Tapis


To be honest, not sure this one belongs here, despite how hilariously bad the Tonton Tapis jersey is, Roche is probably the rider I identify most with it. But it's still such a hilarious, weird kit for a rider which generally wore iconic jerseys, like Peugeot and Carrera Jeans.




Laurent Jalabert, Toshiba


Taste went out the window in a fantastic way in the early 90s in all sports, and cycling was probably the worst (best?) affected. Anyway, when people think of Jaja, they think of him riding for ONCE, and not this hilarious monstrosity. Big fan of how the stripes accentuate Jaja's crotch, though. 



Greg Lemond, ADR-Agrigel 

Potentially a controversial one, because Greg wore this one in his most famous moment- winning the 1989 TDF by 8 seconds over Fignon by eight seconds. But for a rider who's worn some of the most iconic kits in cycling history- Renault-Elf, La Vie Claire, Z-Vetements, the rainbow WC stripes, even his brief spell in PDM- this one just doesn't cut it. 


Incidentally, that old Giro helmet logo needs to come back. 




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2 hours ago, Davidellias said:

Dude spent Ten years with the Rangers and their farm system, and people probably mostly remember him for three years with the Mets


Image result for R.A. Dickey Rangers

Also who can figure out who this is? :P


I'll give you two more "wrong" uniforms for him:






Former NL Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey

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On 3/25/2020 at 5:02 PM, johnnysama said:


Mark Gastineau, a stranger in a strange land who attempted a short-lived comeback with the CFL's BC Lions in 1990.

Have you ever heard the tale of his boxing career and his role in Tim “Doc” Anderson’s battle against “Elvis” Parker?



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^ Nope. But that is one helluva story, and I will read it! 😄



While we're on the subject of the CFL, here is Tom Clements, after three seasons in Ottawa to start his pro career in his short stopover in Saskatchewan in 1979.

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On 3/29/2020 at 11:37 AM, Davidellias said:

Tim Raines | PSA AutographFacts™

At least two of the three here deserve to be on this thread.


Really?  Dawson was an Expo 1976-86.  Raines 1979-90 and 2001.  Carter 1974-84 and 1992.  


This one might be more appropriate for Dawson:



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4 minutes ago, Wade Heidt said:


Really?  Dawson was an Expo 1976-86.  Raines 1979-90 and 2001.  Carter 1974-84 and 1992.  


This one might be more appropriate for Dawson:



Raines is the only one where Expos are the first team I think with them. Dawson I think of as a Cub and Carter as a Met.

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