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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Joe Garagiola in a Yankee uniform, pictured with Whitey Ford at the Stadium in 1973.


I don't know whether this is an Old-Timers' Day. If it is, why Garagiola is outfitted in a Yankee uniform rather than a Cardinal uniform is a mystery. Though perhaps he was brought in by the Yankees as some kind of special instructor.


Garagiola had been in the Yankees' broadcast booth in 1965 and 1966; but he never played for the team. It is very strange to see a former Major Leaguer wearing a uniform of a team that he never played for, coached, or managed.

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Non-traditional take on "wrong" uniform:


Willie McGinest wearing a '93 Patriots uniform at the '94 Rookie photo shoot; note Willie's wearing a red facemask when the red-numbered set was worn with gray facemasks in '93. 


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On 7/31/2021 at 7:08 PM, Cujo said:

[placard for Kris Bryant on the Giants]

Had to watch those last couple innings from 2016 after they tore it all down. Always brings back the same emotions. Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo are and always will be Cubs. Even if they win more rings, nothing compares to that Series and the historic aspect of it. 

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