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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Mark Teixeira


CC Sabathia


Wouldn't it be easier or quicker if you just posted a NY Yankees team photo and put arrows on everyone that was "home grown?"

Fact: the New York Yankees have more homegrown players on their roster than any other AL team, and the 2nd most out of all MLB teams.

Jeter, Cano, Posada, Cabrera, Pettitte, Rivera, Chamberlain, Hughes, Coke, Robertson, Aceves, Gardner, Cervelli. And this is also the only ML organization Matsui has ever been with.

Oh, and get used to Tex and CC in pinstripes - 7 and 6 years remaining on their respective contracts. Sorry free agency was established in baseball.

(BTW, was Manny in a Sox uniform wrong? What about Beltran in a Mets uni? Or Guerrero in Angels gear? I could keep going.)

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triple: 1

puck: 0

Puck could tie it up by pointing out how much of that homegrown talent would be lost by teams in other markets.

Why would I want to tie it up? I made a commentary about the Yankees we all now to be true ( ;) ) and someone came armed with facts. If anything, I say kudos to them.

And it also wasn't a big commentary on free agency either, so there's no need to go there as well.

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Not so much because Jason Kapono is in a Sixer uniform, but since when has a basketball player worn 72? Explanation - Jason's number in his previous NBA stops was 24, but that number is retired in Philadelphia for Bobby Jones. Kapono is a 3-point specialist. 24 x 3 = a Sixers number for JK.

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Dennis Rodman wore 73 for the Lakers.

And we now have Ron Artest wearing 37..."Bad Guy" coinkidink? :evil:

Though I think he gave some reason for it. Oh well, his being a Laker gives me another reason to not like the guy.

As I remember it, Artest's 37 has something to do with Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album. He had discussed that on The Dan Patrick show.

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Thought maybe he had dreams of someday being an offensive tackle.

Following in the footsteps of Shawn Bradley and Toni Kukoc as Sixers who have worn numbers in the 70s.

Not sure if there were any others.

I think Bradley was the only one. Kukoc wore #7.


Interesting. I'm certain that I saw him wear 77, even if only for his first game, before someone else changed their number. That was a while ago though, so I could be mistaken.

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