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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Jared Lorenzen of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the UIFL (Ultimate Indoor Football League)

He looks a lot like John Candy from the movie Stripes.....

I thought he looked kinda like this guy:


EDIT: But with a head, of course.

Gomer Pyle what is your malfunction.

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Guy Carbonneau



i loved guy charbonneau as a player. Very underrated player on that Dallas Stars team. Was there any reason the Blues didn't want him? Seems like the type of player you would want on your team.

carbonneau was considered washed up by the habs and blues, and the stars took him on as a sort of project. he absolutely flourished here and became one of our most beloved players of all time in the process.

we had a similar effect on kirk muller's career a few years later, but with much less adoration. still hard to believe all it took was paul broten to get guy carbonneau on the stars. that was one of the most shocking trades of my childhood.

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