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Before you click the thread off hear me out. after a couple shots of Vue and few hours of Debbie Does Dallas and Austin, i think i am of sound mind to make this post...

In the Cowboys Throwback thread, RM17 got me to thinking and basically told me that[i'll paraphrase] 'the cowboys are doing awsome, now shut your ass'. he's right, I have been way to hard on the boys. I absolutely should be enjoying this season. I should be thankful that the boys are one of 3 teams that are worth a damn this year and not an inferior high school team. I should be thankful i don't have relive the days of Q, Hutch, Vinny, Drew and the other flops at qb brought to us by the General Moron. We finally have a real qb for the first time since Aikman and potentially could do better. Instead, i've been mr. negative the entire season when i should be enjoying the blue Kool-ade. This team is doing what aikman and staubach could never dream of and thats lead a team to a 10-1 start with an undrafted free agent at the helm and not a 1st round draft pick out of USC.

Somethings though:

of all the teams we have beaten only one team has a winning record and thats the giants who will make the playoffs. Everyone else is either mediocre and won't make the playoffs(Vikings, Bears, SKins, Eagles) or couldn't beat my grandmother(Rams, Dolphins). THe one good team we did face was the patriots. Did well until we lost our ass in the 4th. Its nice that we hung with them, but a game is 4 quarters not 3. Losing your ass in the 4th is unacceptable. But this is the AFC represenatives the patriots so, i give them a pass.

However, this week the Packer game is a game that they need to win to prove they are a legitimate team and not a team who benefits from a weak division and a schedule of mediocre sub 500 weaklings. I don't care if they have to win it 10-7 or 3-0. Beating the packers is a must. Not only for position going in to the playoffs but to prove they are a legit contender. The packers are a very good team and a team that we should expect to be in the NFC title game. It would be unacceptable for them not to be.

What worries me is this, Dallas has a history especially lately of collapsing in the last part of the season. Last year romo light up the Bucs on thanksgiving day and lost his ass the in the month of december including seattle. I will not accept another december collapse and a playoff failure. The other thing that worries me is Wade Phillips as head coach, i don't ever got a team to the conference finals. He has an opportunity to do so this year and should be no reason not to. Theres only one other good team in the NFC and thats the team we play on thursday. This should be a preview of the NFC title game. Regular season record does not guarentee you a spot in the games, its what you do in the playoffs and as we well know anything can happen and anyone that earns a postseason spot has a shot at the super bowl.

In conclusion there is only one option: win, win and win. Failure will not be tolerated. I will not accept anything less than a Dallas/New England Super Bowl. This time, we don't play just 3 quarters, we play all 4 quarters. I don't care what it takes to win, i don't even care if Tank has to bring his arsenal with him. We win, end of story. Losing is unacceptable. our trip to the super bowl starts with the game against Green Bay and the demolishion of every team from here on out.

There time begins now. Meanwhile, i'm going to sit back and enjoy the best season ever by the cowboys and drink that blue kool-ade and thank the elder gods we're not Miami, St. Louis, San Francisco. Thank you for removing the General Moron title from Jerry and restoring the General Manager title that got us the 3 super bowls in the 90s.

/end of rant.

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