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Spyboy1's online gallery update


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I've just completed a huge update to my online hockey jersey collection, adding 90 new jerseys in every hockey category except one minor one.

Click here for Spyboy1's Hockey Jersey Collection Online

There's plenty of new Gretzky and Lemieux All-Star jerseys to be seen, along with International and NHL jerseys with as many as possible with patches, all shown in detail.

Webshots doesn't have an icon for each new photo they way they do for each album that's been added to, but please come on over and have a look. I've tried to create a reliable resource espcially for those of you interested in patches.

If you find something of interest in an album, click on the photo to see it in it's own page and then, if really interested in seeing it in detail, click on the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar below the photo to see it in all it's full resolution glory.

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I'm envious as usual.

You may envy my taste in jerseys, but please do not envy the madness that requires me to own so many. :wacko:

One new development, I've created two new galleries of just Lemieux and Gretzky jerseys so you don't need to search around for those two legendary superstars. This is especially helpful for Gretzky fans since his jerseys are scattered in the International, Pacific, Northwest, Central and Atlantic divisions.

Thanks also for the compliment on the Brodeur rookie jersey. That one has by far gotten the most comments on the boards where I've posted the link to my collection.

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those fantasy jerseys....did you actually get them made up for you? if so...where did you find someone to do one-off's for you?? (ive only been able to find places that do team orders only)

It's kind of a combination. I gather all the pieces, jersey, main crest and any shoulder patches and then send it out for lettering.

For the Fantasy Jerseys, I purchased the blank jerseys online. Icejerseys.com stocks them and will sell you just one. There are other sites that also specialize in team orders and stock a wide range of uncrested jerseys and are also willing to sell them one at a time. Not all of them will sell single jerseys, but enough do. They usually cost $30-$40.

Then I pair them up with a crest, always purchased on ebay. There are many to pick from, as there are a few sellers who list dozens of them. Just do a search for "Whalers patch" or whatever team you are interested in. I take it to my local tailor shop and have them put all the logos on.

Then, I just pick a player and look for some photos online of examples of what font to put on it and send it off to get lettered. I use exclusivepro.com. They are great at following my sample sheets and do a great job.

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I find your lack of Flyers jerseys disturbing.

Seeing that they are my all time least favorite team in any sport, that's two more than I thought I'd ever have.

spyboy is this from your ebay auction?

why the heck is the number so badly placed?

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of bad customizers?

A better question would be "Why didn't I look more closely at the photo when I stupidly bought the damn thing off of ebay in the first place?"

Still, it sold.

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As always, I love the collection. I bid on your Messier Canucks jersey today, although it was really a half hearted bid, as I wanted it, but I'm not in need of it, so I was testing the waters. When I saw the auctions and read how the seller said it doesn't have the shoulder patches like it shouldn't, a you could add the 1998 ASG patch or NHL 2000 I thought, wow this guy knows his stuff. The I saw the name and wasn't surprised that that kind of detail was in there. As usual, I dont see an updated version of your webshots. I see about half of the galleries and the new ones aren't there. I'm not sure whats up on my end. Ill try again when I get some time after my finals this week.

Is that Lafontaine patch is one you did yourself? I like it, I remember seeing the photos of that, and its weird they used the 3rd jerseys, as he never wore those, only the home and away.

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