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Sharks to win Stanley Cup!

Ez Street

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Well, according to my season of Madden, the Browns will defeat the Seahawks in the Superbowl. Congrats, Romeo.

Also, is it just me, or is Joe Thornton not in the group picture up there? Heck, I don't see Marleau either, unless he's the guy in the back row above the cup.

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(In the words of Ross on "Friends") HUH?!?!?!?

This is a weird playoffs. I dont see San Jose getting out of the west. Everytime theyre lined up to do it, they choke (just ask Calgary and Colorado. They'll happily tell you how they went through San Jose to get to the Stanley Cup). And If they dont choke in the playoffs, they usually have a terrible year first.

EA has always had a weird sim system. When I play NHL 04 (yes, im that far behind) and use Anahiem in my dynasty, they always have me playing the Rangers in the Stanley Cup. WTF?

Here's my thoughts on how the playoffs will end up.

I can't trust Nashville to get out of the first round. Sorry Preds. The cup nazi speaks: "NO CUP FOR YOU!"

New Jersey is just......well New Jersy. Can't stand 'em so I wont pick em (you mess with my Ducks and you get the cold shoulder. Never beat my Ducks in 7 games again!)

Colorado is solid but can Sakic carry anymore on his old back? IDK.

Dallas maybe. One of the teams I do like. Theyre solid and Modano is having a good year. But I just dont know.

Ottawa is absolutely STELLAR. That team is greatness on ice. Thats a good pick.

Carolina look awesome too.

So does Vancouver. Do we have a sleeper in the west, here?

Detroit is the other team i cant stand. They havent fared well in the playoffs the past few years. Nuff said. No Wings for me.

Anahiem is Anahiem. My team. Defending cup champs. Even with the plate of hurl logos and unis. But theyre season so far is sup-par. Darn.

Phoenix is my other team. But Phoenix is also......Phoenix. Urrgh.

So after some thinking and naming some teams Im thinking about.......heres my final playoff thoughts.

Columbus WILL be the George Mason of hockey only to lose to....... Vancouver in the West Finals.

Buffalo WILL be the Philadelphia Eagles of hockey and reach the east finals only to lose again.

Ottawa WILL be the Ottawa Senators of hockey and win the east.

Then the Cup.......drum roll.

Ottawa 4, Vancouver 2.

Ottawa wins the cup!

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The only thing that I'm a little weary about is the goalteding, Sure Gerber is a pretty good goalie, but as we've seen before not that great of a playoff goalie. If they do win the same thing that happened with Carolina will happen again. Gerber will play badly once, Emery will replace him, and play great the rest of the way.

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In the East, the NY Rangers with 52 wins and 113 points earned top spot led by Maurice Richard Trophy winner Jaromir Jagr who also led the league with 54 goals.

54 Goals? HA! Good one. I think hes on pace for 20 something at the moment.

and they sure as hell wont win the President's Trophy if they play any more games like they did against Carolina the other night

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