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Trivia of the Stadia


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Hey guys! In the past couple of weeks, you might have seen me appearing more often.

Which brings up the fact that I haven't been all that much recently. The reason?

High School.


Okay, now onto the actual point of this post.

Trivia of the Stadia!

Starting now, and every Friday after this, I'll have trivia questions about a certain stadium around the world.

It's sort of like Tank's "Tank Stumper", but with stadiums! :D

Your job, should you chose to accept this mission, is to try and guess which sports venue that I am describing.

These venues are not limited to sport, year, or anything else. Everything is fair game.

Now, on to the show!


This stadium is located in the United States.

It has had two tenants, a football team, and a soccer team, the football team still plays there.

This stadium has a consecutive sell-out record of 141 games.

The football team has a 102-34 home record at this stadium since 1990, the best in the NFL.

Fan generated noise was once measured at 116 decibels, the rough equivalent of a rock concert or a jet engine.

Sports Illustrated gave this stadium the title of being the "Toughest Place to Play" for opposing teams.

Good Luck!

(1 hint will be given if requested)

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It's nice to hear people still say "stadia."


What are your criteria for the stadia you choose? Are there any specific formulae? It is difficult because stadia seem as numerous as bacteria these days.

Especially a teenager. ^_^

And plus, "trivia" and "stadia" rhyme... Haha!

As for criteria, none whatsoever.

Well, technically speaking, it will be a combination of both stadia and arenas, but that's about it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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