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I was checking out niketeam.com today and it has been updated with new uniforms for "fall 08". The front page shows new uniform choices for "modified football", "cross country", "modified youth football", and "headwear". This "modified" is i think just a new way to show off the uniforms. its pretty much like making a jersey in madden. I liked they previous way better like you were creating it in paint, i believe it was called custom. In football there is now "vapor z jersey", "invincable warrior jersey" (very unique, never seen anything like it before), "syracuse jersey", "lineman jersey", and "tapered jersey" to go along with the "oregon jersey", "usc jersey" and the "lexington jersey". There all also some new choices under "modified basketball", they seem to be offering all of the jerseys that teams (florida, ohio state, syracuse) wore during the tournament last year. WEll go check it out, some pretty cool new stuff on there.

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